The Works of Thomas Aquinas

The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, a beginners course by Jonathan Dolhenty

II. The Works of Thomas Aquinas

The works of Thomas Aquinas may be conveniently divided into four groups:


on the Logic, Physics, Metaphysics, and Ethics of Aristotle;
on the Scriptures;
on Dionysius the Areopagite;
on the Four Books of Sentences of Peter Lombard.


The Summa contra Gentiles (A Summary Against the Gentiles), founded substantially on rational demonstration;
The Summa Theologica (A Summary of Theology), begun in 1265, and remaining incomplete because of Thomas’ early death.


Quaestiones Disputatae (Disputed Questions): De Veritate (On Truth), De Anima (On the Soul), De Potentia (On Power), De Malo (On Evil), etc.;
Quaestiones Quodlibetales (Questions About Any Subject).

  1. OPUSCULA (selected examples)

De Ente et Essentia (On Being and Essence);
De Unitate Intellectus (On the Unity of the Intellect), written against the Averroists;
De Regimine Principum (On the Rule of Princes).

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