Samuel Adams On “The Only True Basis of All Government”


Writing in the Boston Gazette on December 19, 1768, Samuel Adams declared, what every school in America once in unison declared with him (and the rest of America’s Founders) that “The only true basis of all government” is:

 “the laws of God and nature. -For government is an ordinance of Heaven – designed by the all-benevolent Creator, for the general happiness of his rational creature, man.” (1)

Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams

Imagine that! Is that what Samuel Adams and his fellow Founders believed? No wonder the Founders made it a point not to grant the federal government, under the Constitution, any power over matters of education. Could it be that these wise and godly men understood that power tends to corrupt, and that absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely? Could it be that the Adams and his fellow Founders understood that imperfect, and often power-hungry men, given the opportunity, would not hesitate to use such a centrally-controlled education system to teach and declare that man, and then later, specific men, even Themselves, to be the Great Source of all of men’s rights, laws, and happiness? Could it be that Adams and his fellow Founders understood that were any such fundamental paradigm shift away from the Higher Laws of God ever put in place, that these same power hungry types of men would then null and void any and all of those rights and laws deemed a threat to the New, Self-Appointed, Gods of this Land, and that the first and most vital of those rights and laws to go would be that Divine Liberty of Conscience God grants to his children to speak their minds on matters of faith?

Indeed, there is no greater threat to the tyrant, no greater support to all true government or truly free government, than that the God-given right to freely speak of the Great and True Lawgiver be possessed by every man and every women, both young and old, both rich and poor, both black and white, both among the wicked and the righteous, both in public and in private.

That we have forgotten this great fundamental truth, and Forgotten Him – the very Author of this truth – is our problem.


1. Samuel Adams. Writings of Samuel Adams, Volume 1., December 19, 1768 Boston Gazette article written by Adams and signed under the pen name,”VINDEX”.

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