Labor Is Ordained of God

John Taylor
John Taylor


“Labor is the manufacturer of wealth. It was ordained of God as the medium to be used to obtain a living; hence it is the universal condition of this great bond to live . . . .

“God never meant to bemean his creation, especially his own image, because they had to labor:—no; never; God himself according to the good old book labored on this world, six days; and when Adam was animated from clay to life, by his spirit’s making use of him for a dwelling, we read that God put him into the garden to dress it:—Therefore, in connection with the samples of all holy men, we are bound to honor the laboring man: and despise the idler. …

“Let them labor like men …”

Source: John Taylor, 15 October 1844, as quoted in “Church Welfare Services’ Basic Principles” by Marion G. Romney, published 1976.

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