Have We Allowed an 'Imperial Presidency'?


Have we allowed Barack Obama to transform his office of President into an “imperial Presidency”? That’s the question people at the grassroots of America are asking. After all, Obama did promise that his goal was to “fundamentally transform” the United States. He wasn’t specific about what he wanted to transform us into, but it’s beginning to look like an “imperial Presidency” was what he had in mind. That two-word slogan summarizes the criticisms about the expansion of federal executive power that Obama has grabbed and Americans are complaining about.

The phrase “imperial presidency” is an expression that summarizes voter frustration about the Obamacare act and turns it into a referendum on Obama’s grab for power in many areas. Obama has changed the Obamacare law 37 times, and the TV news every evening shows individual Americans who are hurt financially by Obamacare canceling their current insurance. Use of the slogan “Imperial Presidency” also manifests the underlying conservative philosophy about the appropriate role of government as limited in scope and in spending the taxpayers’ money.

All of a sudden many congressional candidates are using the expression “imperial presidency.” It encapsulates their frustration with Obama’s entire presidency and his dictatorial method of governance.

“Imperial presidency has become a common refrain at town meetings. Members of Congress say they hear that expression all the time. It reflects the belief of the people that Obama has decided he can violate the law, not comply with certain laws, and can decide which laws he will “execute” (as the Constitution orders him to do) and which laws he will not “execute.”

It’s interesting that even Eric Canter, the leading advocate of playing the bipartisan game and going along with the Establishment, has been using the phrase and has put out a 33-page report on the “imperial presidency.”

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