Officials Speak Against Common Core


It’s not merely parents who are raising a ruckus against the new Common Core standards that the Obama Administration is trying to impose on all schools. Many public officials are speaking out too.

Former Education Commissioner Robert Scott was the Texas official who articulated that state’s rejection of Common Core. He pointed out how the feds tried to bribe Texas into going along. Scott said, “We said no to Common Core and the feds said, ‘you want Race to the Top money?’ That was $700 million. They said, ‘do it.’ Well, we still said, no thanks. The feds also asked if Texas wanted a No Child Left Behind waiver and again, Texas said no.”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal came out with a strong statement against Common Core: he said “As we have seen in Obamacare, President Obama’s Washington believes it knows better than the peasants out in the states. But centralized planning didn’t work in Russia, it’s not working with our health care system, and it won’t work in education.”

Indiana became the first state to opt out when its Senate voted 35-13 to withdraw Indiana from Common Core standards in March. Governor Pence’s reaction to try to reinstate Common Core rebranded with a new name is particularly baffling, because pre-Common Core Indiana was known to have one of the highest standards of all the fifty states.

Hillsdale professor Terrence Moore said that Common Core’s English standards deserve an “F” and even omits teaching phonics, and Sanford University professor James Milgram, who served on the Common Core math validation committee, charged that the math standards are so “incomprehensible” and complicated that they should be called “bizarre.”

As Common Core keeps plodding right ahead in most states. Parents are finding plenty to criticize in the curriculum.

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