Climate Science a Fraud, Not A Mistake


A new book called The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science makes the case that climate change is a fraud. The global warming movement has been designed to justify more government controls, enrich its proponents, and radically change society.

Climate scientist Tim Ball traces climate hysteria to the 1960s book The Population Bomb, by Paul R. Ehrlich which claimed that population growth would lead to mass starvation before the 20th century ended. Of course, that didn’t happen, but the book was followed by the 1972 Club of Rome report, which led to the founding of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Tim Ball explains how the IPCC was engineered to determine that man controls the climate. The panel’s models have failed to predict climate change with any accuracy, and they’ve been skewed to favor predictions of warmer temperatures. Yet governments still base policies on them.

This fraud has serious consequences. It’s not just a matter of people being asked to recycled – climate change predictions are driving world energy and economic policy. The results have hurt economies around the world and have been especially disastrous in developing countries. Tim Ball says that the damage to industrial progress in recent decades is enormous.

None of this is a mistake. It’s a conspiracy, as Ball reveals extensively in his book, and the people behind it know that. They know their claims are fraudulent and their science is flawed, and they’re working to hide it. Ball cites multiple examples like the 2009 scandal where some of the world’s leading climate scientists were found to have sent emails discussing how to “adjust” their data and avoid releasing the truths. Climate change has been a fraud for years, and it’s an expensive one that’s costing us millions and holding back our economy. Americans should educate themselves on the subject, and Dr. Ball’s book is a step in the right direction.

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Contributing Editor, Phyllis Schlafly, is the Founder and President of Eagle Forum, a national radio show host, and a best-selling author.

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