What about term limits? Part 2 of 2


My reason for fixing them [senators] in office for a term of years rather than for life, was that they might have in idea that they were at a certain period to return into the mass of the people and become the governed instead of the governors which might still keep alive that regard to the public good that otherwise they might perhaps be induced by their independance to forget.

Source: To Edmund Pendleton, August 26, 1776

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Elected leaders need to return to being led.
Why do office-holders need term limits?
1. To remember that at a specific time they will leave office.
2. At that time, they will be governed rather than govern.
3. That reality will keep them focused on the public good, which they might forget if they were in office for life, independent of the voters and answerable to no one.

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