URGENT ACTION: Stop Obama’s Executive Fiat!


OBAMA SHREDS CONSTITUTIONIn a clear violation of the Constitution, immigration laws, and his own past statements, President Obama just unilaterally declared a mass amnesty affecting up to five million illegal immigrants in an emotionally-driven speech that shockingly invoked scripture and deceptively referenced the actions of past U.S. Presidents. Because the House, the branch closest to the people, refuses to pass the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill, the president claims the right to act on his own.

The scale of his proposed amnesty is unprecedented:

  • He gives temporary reprieve from deportation and the opportunity to apply for work permits to more than 4 million illegal immigrants.
  • Those who have been in the U.S. for at least five years and are parents of citizens or legal permanent residents are eligible to apply.
  • The White House is also planning to create and expand other programs that they say could benefit nearly a million more.

Also remarkable is his willful defiance of limitations on his powers. The Constitution entrusts Congress with the power to make laws, including immigration controls. It contains no provision giving the president the right to make laws if Congress doesn’t do what he wants. A president who makes and executes the laws by himself endangers the whole constitutional order.

This is the most brazen and arrogant of President Obama’s many lawless actions, but he can get away with it if Congress doesn’t hold him accountable. Representatives and Senators must exercise their control over the power of the purse. His words will be meaningless if the government has no funds to fulfill them.

Call your Members of Congress now. Tell them to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty. He has no right to rewrite our nation’s laws at will, nor should he be rewarding those who came here illegally.

Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Used with the permission of Eagle Forum.