The Eternal Struggle: Fear vs. Faith

faith-vs-fearBy RYAN SCOTT WELCH

Some people will say that they really want to live in a country, or have America become a country, where the government takes care of you from ‘cradle to grave’. This is the goal of many as exemplified by Obama’s webpage called “The Life of Julia” where Obama shows how the state ‘takes care of’ a fictional character named Julia for her entire life. At each of 12 different key points in Julia’s life the state is there with a government program to help her. Obama and his staff made this webpage in an election year as a way to get people to vote for him and his policies because they understand how powerful the promise of a government program for every need in life is in motivating people.

In fact the entire appeal of Socialism/Communism/Stalinism/Maoism/Progressivism/Statism (all of these are just types of Marxism) is that the state promises to care for the people. All these political systems promise that the state will feed, clothe, educate, and provide medical care for you, for your entire life, and will also make sure that you are ‘equal’ to everyone else. Some people want to be equal with everyone else, especially those who have more money, as they claim for ‘fairness’ and ‘justice’. However, equalization, fairness, and justice are just code words for “take other people’s money, give some of their money to me, and make everyone like me so that I don’t feel inferior”.

There is also another class of people who desire a form of Marxism, and that is the people motivated by a lust for power. Both of these groups, those who want to be taken care of and those who lust for power to control their environment, are motivated by the same animalistic instinct, fear. What is fear? Fear is an uneasiness of the mind caused by the thought of a future evil.  It is an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger. Fear is one of themost powerful motivators among humans and other animals. Fear stimulation in humans and animals kicks in a fight or flight response that is essential to survival for most animals. This response is hard-wired into our DNA and the human body responds equally to both real and perceived threats. These perceived threats can be as non-threatening as feeling like others have more than you do, or feeling that others will make fun of you, or will look down on you. Regardless of the non-threatening nature, the body often responds physiologically as if these were actually life threatening events.

Those who lust for power fear their environment and people who could harm them or mock them, so they look for a way to protect themselves from the environment and people. They think that if they had the power to control their environment and the people around them, they would not have anything to fear. These people see Marxist society as a way to the power their fear drives them to need. Fear also drives the “useful idiots”, which are those who believe they want Marxism but will never share the power or the wealth (which is probably about 99% of the people who believe they want Marxism). It is the fear of the unknown (the future), the fear of want, and the fear of shame, of loneliness, homelessness, hunger, pain, sickness, poverty, and inability that drives them. They want a guarantee to a job, housing, food, and medical care so they don’t have to worry (a manifestation of fear) about those things. That way no matter what tomorrow brings they will be “taken care of” by the government. Thus it is the spirit of fear that makes dictators and the people who bring them to power.

The “useful idiots” also want everyone else to be equal in station with them. They feel that they need equal access to high speed internet, smart phones, college education, and anything else that makes them feel inferior to others. This is thesame desire that drove Cain to slay Abel because Cain wanted what Able had, and why the woman in Kings was willing to have Solomon “split the baby” because she felt inferior to the woman who still had her child. In other words, this desire or sin, called covetousness, is also driven by fear because people fear being seen as unequal to, or inferior to others. This fear is so strong that some people are willing to kill or have other people killed just so that they don’t look bad in comparison to others. This is why some people, even children, will kill others for their shoes.

So, how do we help the people who think they want the equalization and security or the power of Marxism when their motivation, their fear, is such a strong instinct? How can we overcome a response that is hard-wired into our DNA and which creates an unconscious physiological response in our bodies? What can be done to stop the dictators and the death and slavery that they always bring? Replace fear with faith. Faith is the opposite of fear and faith and fear cannot both dwell in the same heart at the same time.  People who are afraid have little or no faith, in themselves, or in others, and certainly not in God. But if you had perfect faith, you would never fear anything; not the future, or other people, not the environment, not inequality, not shame, not harm, and not even death.  People who have faith do not need a government to take care of all their needs because they know that God is all powerful and will provide.

This struggle between fear and faith is not a struggle between Democrats and Republicans, or liberals and conservatives, or patriots and Marxists. The struggles we see are not political, they are spiritual because faith comes from God, and fear comes from our mortal weakness. This spiritual struggle between fear and faith is part of the same battle has existed since the beginning of time. It is a battle between good and evil, between God and Satan, and that battle is eternal. It is not a coincidence that as Americans have become less religious, and as atheism, and secular humanism has replaced a belief in an all-powerful and loving God, that the desire for Marxism has increased in America. When man is faithless, he can only rely on himself, and for most people that is a terrifying proposition. A person with no faith would be vulnerable to the enticing’s of a political system that promised security, equality, and power.

But there is hope for the future. God is still all-powerful and loves His children. Faith can grow just as it has shrunk. As the consequences of Marxism takes hold in America, as they inevitably must, people will begin to realize that the promises of equality and security are a lie. And as the economic consequences of Marxism harms our economy many people will be forced to reevaluate their government and the results of “spreading the wealth” and cradle to grave government programs.   This coming economic crisis will knock many people to their knees and it is much easier to be humble, and pray to God, when you are already on your knees. The Scriptures are replete with stories of people who turn back to God when there is a crisis. Marxism will bring crisis; that is certain. It is up to us to show people the way out of the crisis through faith in God.

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Mark 5:36 “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”


Ryan Scott WelchRyan “Scott” Welch is the former president of the Leon County Tea Party, a veteran of two wars, once as a medic with the U.S. Army, and again as an Armor Officer with the Texas Army National Guard, a patented inventor, writer, and science geek. He has written articles for the conservative blog and the number one science blog Scott also has his own blog