The Mountain Stage

Butterfield Overland Mail–March 3, 1857


Overland Mail-Express Arriving in Town.


The Mountain Stage.

Henry M. Hoyt, Jr. The Pacific Monthly, December, 1908.


PITCHIN’ on the precipice, sluggin’ through the sand,
(Got ‘em runnin’ easy now, holdin’ with one hand);
Playin’ with the chinkin’ bits, pullin’ on the load—
That’s the way to bring ‘er out,
String ‘er out,
Swing ‘er out,
With all the hosses goin’ fine, a-tearin’ down the road!

Sloppin’ in to take the ford, splashin’ through the water,
(Almost lost a leader here, when an eddy caught ‘er);
Mired up above the hubs—givin’ ‘em the lash—
That’s the way to swing ‘er up,
Bring ‘er up,
Fling ‘er up.
With whip a-snappin’ round their ears, an’ leanin’ from the dash!

Slewin’ roun’ the mountain-side, bangin’ on the boulders,
(Hear the creakin’ collars strain, hard aginst their shoulders);
Sparks a-flyin’ from their feet, dust-clouds in our wake—
That ‘s the way to string ‘er in,
Fling ‘er in,
Swing ‘er in,
With double wraps aroun’ my hands, and both feet on the brake!

A tip o’the hat to Outland Anthology.

Courtesy of Democratic Thinker