Standing Up for U.S. Workers is Good Politics


Amnesty is often on the agenda in Washington, but it’s certainly NOT on the list of what voters want. A poll of likely voters done last year by the Kellyanne Conway firm showed sweeping majorities against amnesty and in favor of immigration policies that benefit Americans. 76 percent want immigrants who overstay their visas to be sent home. 77 percent want jobs to go to U.S. workers or legal immigrants already here, instead of bringing in new workers. 80 percent said businesses should help the millions of Americans searching for a job instead of campaigning for more immigration. The pollster also asked about statements of principle to guide immigration policy. The most popular statements emphasized that American workers should come first, that increasing employment should take precedence over increasing immigration, and that the whole nation, should benefit from immigration policy. These views are widely popular, with support from all races, political viewpoints, and economic status.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is trying to alert Congress to the opportunity found in these results of internal polls. Standing up for American workers is not only right, but overwhelmingly popular. As he says in his new “Immigration Handbook,” “This is our chance to stand up and fight for millions of loyal struggling citizens who have been neglected.”

Republicans have majorities in both Houses in large part because of the immigration issue. President Obama threatened to issue his illegal executive amnesty in the summer, but senators up for reelection begged him to hold off. He did delay, but finally issued his reckless amnesty. The newly elected Congress now has a chance to pass an immigration policy that serves the national interest of all Americans. If they do, the voters will reward them.

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Contributing Editor, Phyllis Schlafly, is the Founder and President of Eagle Forum, a national radio show host, and a best-selling author.

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