Federal Bureaucracy – Threat to Liberty


In drafting the U.S. Constitution, our Founding Fathers feared centralized government most of all. Most of them had a lot of experience with kings. Our Founding Fathers understood very well that power once gained by one man, or by a small clique, accumulates, then corrupts, and subverts liberty. Their solution for this danger was to separate government power into three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. It is useful to remember that Thomas Jefferson cautioned: It is incumbent upon “every friend of free government” to keep the separation of the three branches.

Today, our Founders’ warnings against centralized federal bureaucracies should be ringing in our ears. Federal bureaucracies are sabotaging the rule of law by issuing regulations, rules, waivers and fines that have the power of legal enforcement without any authorization from Congress, the states, or the citizens.

The most recent examples are President Obama’s actions about immigration. His media friends defend him by claiming that Obama’s orders are not any more numerous than those of his predecessors. The issue, however, is not the number of executive orders but the way he replaces legislative power with executive prerogative. Past executive orders usually were intended to implement laws already passed by Congress. But Obama’s executive orders create new laws, even laws that Congress has refused to pass. The day-to-day actions of the Obama Administration systematically empower him and his Administration bureaucrats to replace the two other branches of government. Remember, Obama reminded us that he has a pen and a phone to do what he wants if Congress doesn’t obey his wishes. This totally undermines the principle of constitutional government that is the foundation of our liberty and our unique American system of government.

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Contributing Editor, Phyllis Schlafly, is the Founder and President of Eagle Forum, a national radio show host, and a best-selling author.

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