The Men Who Do Not Lift


The Men Who do not Lift.


THE world is sympathetic. The statement none can doubt;
When A’s in trouble don’t we think that B should help him out?
Of course we haven’t time ourselves to care for anyone,
But yet we hope that other folks will see that it is done.
We want the grief and penury of earth to be relieved,
We’d have the battles grandly fought, the victories achieved;
We do not care to take the lead and stand the brush and brunt,—
At lifting we’re a failure, but we’re splendid on the grunt.

And there are others, so we find, as on our way we jog,
Who want to do their lifting on the small end of the log.
They do a lot of blowing and they strive to make it known
That were there no one else to help they’d lift it all alone.
If talking were effective, there are scores and scores of men
Who’d move a mountain off its base and move it back again.
But as a class, to state it plain in language true and blunt,
They’re never worth a cent to lift, for all they do is grunt.

Chicago Herald.

Courtesy of Democratic Thinker