Planned Parenthood Wants No Pro-Life Candidates


The president of Planned Parenthood recently said that she wants to “make it completely unacceptable” for pro-life candidates to run for office. These candidates “oppose women’s rights” according to Planned Parenthood President Jill Filipovic says and “want to take us backward.” Her statements teach us valuable things about the pro-abortion movement. Like many on the left, abortion supporters want to shut down all dissent until they’re the only voices heard. They are ruthless in their demand for unrestricted abortions. They don’t want abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare.” They won’t be happy until abortions are commonplace. Concern for women’s safety comes far, far behind their hunger for everyone to accept easy-access to abortion.

Jill Filipovic calls abortion a “women’s issue,” something that all women should support. That’s false. Women are NOT more pro-abortion than men. If there’s a gender gap here, polls show that men are more likely to support abortion. That shouldn’t be surprising. The right to an abortion is at least partly the right to have sex with people you don’t want to commit to, and men usually favor that more than women! But regardless, more than half of Americans, both men and women, consistently poll as pro-life.

Let’s also remember that access to abortion does not help women. Women bear nearly all the consequences of abortion. They are the ones who suffer the medical risks and the physical trauma, and it’s women who usually bear most of the emotional pain. The availability of abortion also encourages casual sex, which is a bad road for women to take. It’s very strange to call abortion a women’s issue when most women don’t support it, and when it hurts women most of all. I’m thankful for a courageous pro-life movement that will ensure that the dream of Planned Parenthood to have the solid support of all women will never become a reality.

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