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americanlifeiconMilitary Laboratory, of Philadelphia, lists military arms and supplies available to the public in the new republic. Clayton Cramer notes that all these arms and supplies were protected by the just written Second Amendment.

The above articles are prepared by a person who followed the business, and had full experience during the whole of the American revolution.

Military Laboratory,
At No. 34, Dock Street, near the Drawbridge,

Where Owners and Commanders of Armed Vessels may be supplied, for either the use of Small Arms or Cannon, at the shortest notice, with every species of

V I Z.

Rammers, sponges, worms and ladles, with or without spring worms, ready covered, of all sizes, of superior quality

Copper gun ladles and double worms for every bore

Gunner’s handspikes, plain or shod, and crowbars

Windlass and capstern handspikes

Best saltpetre and common match rope

Cannon priming horns, with screw bottoms

Cannon priming wires, bitts and augers

Lint-stocks, port-fire and false-fire stocks

Boarding pikes ready fitted, cutlasses and poll-axes

Musket’s and pistol’s

Musket and pistol balls and cartridges, with or without buck shot, either empty or filled

Musket cartridges in blank, for the exercise of the militia

Round, grape, canister, partridge, star, sliding gunter and langridge shot, either loose or quilted

Stools and bags for langridge and grape shot, of all sizes

Shot, cartridge and wad, formers & guages

Cannon cartridges, ready made to every bore

Cannon, musket cartridge and log book paper

Gun aprons, either lead or canvass

Cannon and musket cartridge boxes of every size

Tompions and port taugles

Sheep-skins for sponges, ready dressed

Musket, cannon and pistol powder & flints

Cannon provers, tryers, searchers and relievers, to discover any defect in the bore

Magazine, side, battle, poop, tin and other lanthorns, with directions how to fix the magazine lanthorn to prevent accidents

Hand cuffs and leg shackles

Port fire, flow fire, quick match, flambeaux, stink pots, fire balls, carcases, and composition for signals for convoys made up, of every description, & every species of fire work prepared at the shortest notice

Fuzes, tubes and powder chests, with full instructions for fitting them for close quarters to prevent being boarded

Sky rockets and colors of every description for signals; also fire arrows

Military drums and fifes, either plain or ornamented with United States or other arms

Hand grenadoes, filled and fused

Conductors for howitzers and carronades that are chambered

Copper and other powder measures

Musket, pistol, and cannon cartridge formes for every bore

Budge barrels, ready fitted

Flannel cartridges, fixed with either round, grape or cannister shot

Marlin, sewing and whipping twine

Masters of vessels may have their cartridges filled

Gunners’ spiking mallets and spiking irons

Wad, hooks and arm chests, &c. &c.

The above articles are prepared by a person who followed the business, and had full experience during the whole of the American revolution.

Any commander of an armed vessel, by leaving of his indent or order a few days previous to his failing, may be completely furnished, with the above and many other articles without further trouble to himself.

Cannon, swivels, howitzers and carronades bought and sold on commission.

Powder proved for any person desirous of knowing its strength or quality.

Ships Colours, and Signals, of every species made at the shortest notice.

Ready money will be given for lead and military stores of every kind.

Cannon proved at a few days notice, for any person not acquainted with the business, by one who is fully experienced in that line, and had great practice both for private merchants and the public during the late American war.

Printed by R. AITKEN, No. 22, Market Street.

Edwards Pole

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Source: Library of Congress.

Courtesy of Democratic Thinker