This is what I think, but let another decide.


(1st) As far as can be judged from the maps, the road from Fort Stoddert ought to bear down South Westwardly, to get into the Spanish road leading from Mobille to Baton Rouge, before it crosses Pascagoule river. then follow that road (which is nearly due West) till it crosses Pearl river. then quit it & go nearly due South to the neck … [depending upon] the person you employ, whose examination on the spot must controul our ideas where they are impracticable.

(2nd) According to Lafon’s map … of the Environs of N. Orleans, it may seem doubtful whether it is best to cross the Pearl river at the Spanish road & come down on the West side to the Rigolet at Stikinoula, or to take off from that road on the East side of the river where it is intersected by one of the Indian paths travd by Lafon, & come down to Bois-doré … but these circumstances can be estimated only by persons on the spot.

Source: (1st) To Gideon Granger, April 24, 1806 , (2nd) To Gideon Granger, April 25, 1806

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Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Not all leadership issues are grand ones. Or necessary ones.
Granger has been Jefferson’s Postmaster General for almost five years. On several occasions, the President’s correspondence dealt quite minutely with proposed routes for postal riders. These letters are examples.

There were very few established roads. Postal riders used a combination of roads, paths, Indian trails, and rivers. Where none of those were helpful, the rider would blaze his own trail on horseback, armed with a hatchet for clearing the way.

Jefferson-the-empiricist consulted the best maps available, made his observations but didn’t make the call. Jefferson-the-delegator favored decisions made locally rather than in Washington City. He wanted someone who knew the area personally, maybe the one who would actually ride it, to choose the route.

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