What if political leaders thought this way today?


I certainly wish the prosecutions you allude to should be put an end to … I have never considered the political hatreds and slanders pointed at me, as meant against me personally, but rather as the representative of the party, the real object of hatred. for what could there be personal between that gentleman & myself? I am sure I wish him no injury, and if he intended one to me, I know it must have been from false impressions made on him. peace therefore be with him.

Source: Thomas Jefferson To Gideon Granger, January 22, 1808

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Wise leaders don’t take harsh opposition personally.
Jefferson supporters in Connecticut were suing his opponents for libel, the printing of disparaging (and perhaps untrue) information. The President wanted those prosecutions stopped.

Here are six great for guidelines for civility between those of opposing views:
1. However mean-spirited, he didn’t take political attacks personally.
2. They were really directed at the party he represented, which they hated.
3. He knew of no personal difference between himself and his attackers.
4. He was confident of wishing them no harm.
5. If they meant to harm him, it was for false impressions given by others.
6. Jefferson answered cursing with blessing: “peace therefore be with him.”

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