Who exactly is in charge here? Part 7


[This is the 7th interchange in Jefferson’s internal dialog between his head and his heart, anguishing over Maria Cosway’s departure. He reported the entire dialog to her in this letter.]

Head. Very well. Suppose then they come back. They are to stay two months, & when these are expired, what is to follow? Perhaps you flatter yourself they may come to America?

Heart. God only knows what is to happen. I see nothing impossible in that supposition. And I see things wonderfully contrived sometimes to make us happy. Where could they find such objects as in America for the exercise of their enchanting art? especially the lady, who paints landscapes so inimirably [inimitably?] …

Source: To Maria Cosway, October 12, 1786

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Wise leaders do well to remain optimistic. Part 7
Jefferson’s logical Head has already advised his Heart to forget the Cosways. Even if there is a return visit, it, too, will end. Is Heart so presumptuous to think these European artists would cross the Atlantic just to see him?

Heart replies that it could happen! Sometimes things just work out very well for our happiness.
Heart, using a little logic of its own, cites the grandeur of America and the many scenes awaiting permanent capture by the lady’s paint brush if they did come. (This passage also contains an eloquent and romantic description of Monticello, often reproduced as evidence of Jefferson’s lifetime love of his mountaintop home.)

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