Homosexual Fakes Support by Defaming Local Churches


VanderLey_Photo_SignsGrandville, MI – After a homosexual activist printed and paraded signs falsely indicating that numerous area churches supported homosexuality, Liberty Counsel is demanding a public apology from Daniel VanderLey for appropriating church identities without permission and spreading false statements about their Biblical beliefs. Mr. VanderLey has damaged the churches’ reputations by falsely indicating they do not stand for Biblical truth and love.

VanderLey_DanielVanderLey began his disinformation campaign by sending letters to some local churches demanding they adopt his position and appear at his event. VanderLey stated that no response to his demand would be treated as “permission” to use the churches’ names. Other churches received no warning prior to their churches’ involuntary association with the homosexual protest against Bradlee Dean, a conservative marriage activist speaking in the community.

“If homosexuals had the support they claim, they wouldn’t feel the need to falsify additional support from those who are aware of the damage homosexual conduct causes and have deep religious values in opposition to that conduct,” said Liberty Counsel Attorney Richard Mast. “While these churches believe wholeheartedly in love as set forth in the Bible, they also speak truth in love. The context surrounding these signs communicates a message opposed to the true values of these churches and is harmful to the community. VanderLey used these churches to communicate HIS message, rather than God’s truth.”

Used with the permission of Liberty Counsel


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