Tyrannical No Child Left Behind Rewrites This Week


Just after our nation has celebrated independence from tyranny, the US Congress is planning to expand its iron fisted control over American education. The Senate is about to begin debate on The Every Child Achieves Act (ECAA – S 1177) and there are more rumors that the House is about to resume debate on the Student Success Act, (SSA – HR 5). These bills are the rewrites to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, currently known as No Child Left Behind.

These bills continue to expand federal control over education and fatally flawed in many ways, almost too numerous to count, including:

  • Cementing in of Common Core under the name of College and Career Ready Standards
  • Continuing federal annual testing mandates
  • Keeping the Secretary of Education in Charge of approving state plans
  • Only sham protection against Common Core because there is no enforcement mechanism for the prohibitions against federal interference with standards
  • No repair for the severely weakened and outdated privacy law (FERPA)
  • Alarming expansion of student psychological profiling, especially in the Senate bill, but also in the House bill that has profound dangers to freedom of thought and conscience.
  • Expansion of federal preschool programs in the Senate bill that imposes “Baby Common Core” standards that are dangerously concentrated on controversial and subjective psychosocial standards involving gender issues and environmentalism, among others

More details on these issues with the bills are available at the following links:




  1. Join the Twitter rally ANYTIME TODAY at http://patriotjournalist.com /CommonCore.php?v=5&src=Action with thousands of parents opposed to these terrible bills!
  2. Call your members of Congress and strongly urge them to vote NO on the NCLB reauthorization bills – HR 5 and S 1177.
  3. Support a presidential candidate that opposes Common Core and federal control of education, psychological profiling of our students, and expansion of invasive, ineffective federal pre-K programs.
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The Moral Liberal Guest Contributor, Dr. Karen Effrem, is President of Education Liberty Watch, is a pediatrician, researcher, and conference speaker. Dr. Effrem’s medical degree is from Johns Hopkins University and her pediatric training from the University of Minnesota. She has provided testimony for Congress, as well as in-depth analysis of numerous pieces of major federal education, health, and early childhood legislation for congressional staff, state legislatures, and many organizations. Dr. Effrem serves on the boards of national organizations Education Liberty Watch and the Alliance for Human Research Protection. Dr. Effrem and her husband, Paul, have three children.

Used with the permission of Education Liberty Watch.