Once a father, always a father.


I recieved yesterday mr Eppes’s [Maria’s husband] letter of the 12th. informing me you had got safely to Eppington, & would set out tomorrow at furthest for Monticello … I now write to mr Craven to furnish you all the supplies of the table which his farm affords … liquors have been forwarded & have arrived with some loss. I insist that you command & use every thing as if I were with you, & shall be very uneasy if you do not … in the mean time take what is wanting from any of the stores with which I deal, on my account … I shall join you between the 2d. & 7th. [of August] more probably not till the 7th … I am looking forward with great impatience to the moment when we can all be joined at Monticello, and hope we shall never again know so long a separation …

Source: To Maria Jefferson Eppes, July 16, 1801

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Fatherhood occasionally trumps being a leader. And should!
Jefferson had been extremely anxious about his pregnant younger daughter. He received reports about her from her husband and had written to her but received no replies. He had been urging her for some time to get to Monticello, where her baby would be born. Finally, she was on the way there!

He asked a farmer to supply their food. He commanded (!) her to use whatever she wanted at Monticello and to buy whatever was lacking and charge it to him. His little girl would not go without!

Maria’s first child, a son born a year and a half earlier, lived only three days. This child, born two months after this letter, was named Francis Wayles Eppes and lived to be nearly 80. A girl born in 1804 would be their third, but she would live only a month. Maria, frail like her mother, would succumb two months later.

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