Just so you will know, I do have a pair.


… the second removal was called for by the high tone of remonstrance [a written declaration of opposition], to … [dispel] the belief that I was afraid to perform the duties of my office…

Source: To Gideon Granger, July 21, 1801

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Strong leaders understand the necessity of demonstrating authority.
I think (but cannot document) Jefferson was referring to removing a last minute Adams appointee in Connecticut, described in a recent post. The written opposition (remonstrance) to Jefferson’s choice listed all the reasons why he could not possibly replace this fine Federalist with a 77 year old republican.

Jefferson did make the replacement and wrote a lengthy and gracious explanation to the complainants. In this letter to a trusted friend, he gave an additional reason: I did it to show them that I could, that I was not reluctant to use my authority, even in the face of their opposition. Perhaps because of their opposition.

“When Mr. Lee appeared on stage in full costume
he commanded the surveyor’s immediate attention.

Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
Mr. Jefferson will command your audience’s attention, too.
Invite him to speak. Call 573-657-2739


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