We are NOT that different from one another.


… the greatest good we can do our country is to heal it’s party divisions & make them one people. I do not speak of their [Federalist] leaders who are incurables, but of the honest & well-intentioned body of the people. I consider the pure federalist as a republican who would prefer a somewhat stronger executive; & the republican as one more willing to trust the legislature as a broader representation of the people, & a safer deposit of power for many reasons. but both sects are republican, entitled to the confidence of their fellow citizens …

Source: To John Dickinson, July 23, 1801

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Unifying leaders look for common ground with their opponents.
Jefferson wrote to Dickinson (of Pennsylvania and Delaware, 1732-1808), a life-long friend and ally, about the division within the republicans in Delaware. The President was trying bridge the divide between the two major political camps. He didn’t want his own people squabbling among themselves.

In trying to bridge the political divide, Jefferson maintained there was not a great distance between the republicans and the vast majority of “pure federalist[s]”. He cast them all as republicans, devoted to the principles of 1776, but making this distinction:
– republicans gave more authority to the legislature, the peoples’ representatives.
– federalists preferred more authority in a “somewhat stronger executive” (President).

Most of Jefferson’s letters began with just the recipient’s name, and then he began writing. Sometimes, he added a “Dear Sir.” As a measure of his opinion of Dickinson, this letter opened with, “My Dear & Respected Friend.”

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