Wrestling with hypotheticals is a time-suck.


…. let it be known that a fact is authentic, & what is it’s exact character, & then we may act on real & not hypothetical ground. the real facts arising will occupy all our time. if we spend any in hypothetical discussions, we shall want time for real business.

Source: To Robert Smith, August 14, 1801

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Focused leaders devote time to what is, not what could be.
Smith was Secretary of Navy and involved in discussions with Jefferson and Secretary of State Madison concerning ships captured by other nations and brought to American ports. There was general agreement to prohibit all such “prizes” by all nations. Yet, foreign ambassadors, reading rumors about these prizes in the newspapers, were asking what American policy would be if these accounts were true.

Jefferson addressed this issue here. He did not want spend time on what might be. If they did, they would not have time to deal with what was.

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