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I have recieved … [your] application [for] the purchase of a site for a Roman Catholic church … I have referred the paper to them [the Commissioners of Washington City, now D.C.] , recommending to them all the favor which the object of the purchase would urge, the advantages of every kind which it would promise, and their duties permit. I shall be happy on this and on every other occasion of shewing my respect & concern for the religious society over which you preside in these states …

Source: To [Bishop] John Carroll, September 3, 1801

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Wise leaders encourage moral influences.
The Bishop in Baltimore along with others applied to buy public land for a Catholic church in the nation’s capital. Neither the approval nor the price were Jefferson’s to decide. Those choices were up to the city’s commissioners.

Jefferson was no particular friend to the Catholic church or any faith which dictated what its members must believe or subjected non-believers to their creed. Yet, he was a friend to churches in general and encouraged their proliferation. He appreciated the moral codes practiced by their members, believing society as a whole benefitted from them. Thus, he added his recommendation to the Catholics’ application.

“He was willing on all accounts
to go beyond the requested action and do more.”
Executive Director, Greater St. Louis Federal Executive Board

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