Where is the beef? RIGHT HERE!


… this morning arrived the quarter you were so kind as to send me of the Mammoth-veal [young beef]. tho’ so far advanced as to be condemned for the table, yet it retained all the beauty of it’s appearance, it’s fatness & enormous size. a repetition of such successful examples of enlarging the animal volume will do more towards correcting the erroneous opinions of European writers as to the effect of our climate on the size of animals, than any thing I have been able to do.

Source: To Michael Fry and Nathan Coleman, October 22, 1801

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

All leaders have their little quirks.
In previous posts, we’ve seen Jefferson’s consuming interest in documenting large animals in America. He had an ongoing campaign to refute the assertion of a noted French scientist who claimed the climate in North America produced animals smaller and inferior to those in Europe. Mostly, Jefferson used the largest bones he could find as proof to debunk that theory.

In this letter, he thanked those who sent him one-fourth of a “Mammoth-veal.” It had spoiled and could not be eaten, but he was impressed by its size and quality. Not only that, it gave even better scientific bragging rights to America than he’d be able to document.

“… please accept this letter of thanks and appreciation
for your outstanding presentation …”
University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Mr. Jefferson will be outstanding for your audience.
Invite him to speak. Call 573-657-2739


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