The Left’s New Voting Block


We do not want convicted murderers or rapists sitting on juries in criminal trials, and we do not want convicted felons to be picking the next leaders of our Nation. Elections are for law-abiding citizens to pick law-abiding leaders, not for criminals to elect fellow criminals. But Democrats think that convicted felons are more likely to vote for a Democrat than a Republican. In Virginia, the number of convicted felons is about 4% of the number of registered voters, which is more than enough to change the outcome in many local and statewide elections.

Our laws recognize that service on a jury and voting are not activities that should be open to everyone. For example, people who are in our country illegally should not be voting in elections or serving on juries. Children under age 18 should not be voting in elections or serving on juries. These activities require a level of responsibility possessed by law-abiding adults. There is no constitutional right for murderers, rapists, and other convicted criminals to vote in our elections. Most states properly deny voting rights to persons who are convicted of committing serious crimes. However, most states make a way for them to regain their voting rights if certain conditions are met.

Democrats realize that this dangerous voting bloc has the power to swing elections in their favor, and they use that to their full advantage. Virginia’s lame duck governor used the power of executive order to give 206,000 convicted felons the ability to vote and serve on juries. That means felons who show the least regard for the rule of law will be able to vote for the people who make laws. That also means people tried for murder in Virginia can now face people convicted of murder in the jury box. It’s common sense that convicted felons should not be allowed to vote or serve on juries.

Contributing Editor, Phyllis Schlafly, is Founder and President of Eagle Forum, author of numerous best-selling books, and a national radio show host.

Used with the permission of Eagle Forum.