The Principle of Allegiance to the Constitution


God provided that in this land of liberty, our political allegiance shall run not to individuals, that is, to government officials, no matter how great or how small they may be. Under His plan our allegiance and the only allegiance we owe as citizens or denizens of the United States, runs to our inspired Constitution which God Himself set up. So runs the oath of office of those who participate in government. A certain loyalty we do owe to the office which a man holds, but even here we owe, just by reason of our citizenship, no loyalty to the man himself. In other countries it is to the individual that allegiance runs. This principle of allegiance to the Constitution is basic to our freedom. It is one of the great principles that distinguishes this “land of liberty” from other countries.

Source: J. Reuben Clark Jr. Excerpt from his Improvement Era article: Volume 43: 444, 1940.

J. Reuben Clark Jr. (1871-1961), served as a member of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1931-1961. Prior to his call to full-time church service Clark was appointed assistant solicitor to the State Department (1906), did a stint in the Attorney General’s office (WWI), served as Under Secretary of State to President Calvin Coolidge (1928), wrote the classic study, the “Clark Memorandum on the Monroe Doctrine,” and served as U.S. ambassador to Mexico (1930–1933). There are those who believed him to be the foremost constitutional scholar of the 20th Century.

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