As to The Divine Source of Liberty & Equality (Before the Law)


Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville observed regarding that Liberty and Equality he found in America:

“The religion which declares that all are equal in the sight of God, will not refuse to acknowledge that all citizens are equal in the eye of the law. Religion is the companion of liberty in all its battles and all it conflicts; the cradle of its infancy and the divine source of its claims.” (1)

Yes, as de Tocqueville stated so well, it was Jesus Christ’s teaching of the common brotherhood of men, of the Golden Rule, and the equal accountability of ALL before the Judgment Bar of God whence came equality before the law, the right to consent, and all the whole idea of Higher Law, and thus the Inalienability of these and other God-Given Rights.

These rights might be discovered and confirmed, taught America’s Founders, by a proper exercise of that Divine gift called Reason, and made more surely known by that companion gift from God to Man called Revelation – or in other words, by Faith and Reason, Mind and Heart, by the Laws of Nature (specifically those laws God uniquely endowed to Human Nature) and of Nature’s God (again, those Laws revealed by Christ and the prophets as recorded in The Holy Scriptures and confirmed by the Holy Spirit to every individual who asks, seeks, and knocks with a sincere heart and real intent).

It was thus in America, by an appeal to Common Sense and the Bible, that our forefathers denounced as false and sinful the idea and practice of “the King is Law” and proclaimed as true and good its liberating reversal “the Law is King”.

Indeed, every American found pleasure in appealing to his or her own copy of the Bible and its Higher Laws when their rights were threatened by unwise and tyrannical legislation, enforcement, or judgments.

The whole idea turned the world upside down, shook off the shackles of superstition and ignorance and set man on the pathway to life, liberty, and the pursuit of true and enduring happiness. Thank goodness, and thank God.

1.  Alexis de Tocqueville. As quoted by Edwin Hall in his 1843-1846 lecture series, “The Puritans and their Principles.”

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