A Struggle Designed by Providence


George Washington, 1778

On 15 October 1778, General George Washington, Commander In Chief of the Continental Army, responds by letter to General Andrew Lewis concerning the disappointments he (Lewis), and fellow General, Lachlan McIntosh, had been dealt. The Commander In Chief’s inspired counsel:

Ours is a kind of struggle designed by Providence, I dare say, to try the patience, fortitude, and virtue of Men; none, therefore, that are engaged in it, will suffer themselves, I trust, to sink under difficulties, or be discouraged by hardships.

Counsel we all might do well to take to heart; counsel not only to help bring out in each and every one of us a far greater measure of patience, fortitude, and virtue than we may have ever thought possible, but counsel, too, as to the Grand Design of God Our Father for we his children in assigning us to this grand trial, this great test and often stretching proving ground, we call mortality.

Source: George Washington. Letter to Andrew Lewis, 15 October 1778, written from Fredericksburg, New York.

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