Let It Rain…


In the national news…  Hurricane Harvey is making its way across Texas leaving folks from Corpus Christie to Beaumont and just about every place in between soaked to the bone.  As early as this past Thursday it became apparent that Harvey wasn’t to be taken lightly as folks in low lying areas along the coast began evacuating to higher ground.

Not everyone is smart enough to leave…

Did I mention that I had an important doctor’s appointment in Houston Friday morning with a neurosurgeon specialist?  The appointment was made by my regular doctor after he’d looked over x-rays of my neck.  Should we ignore the storm or the pain in my neck?

We got up before sun rise at our house in Buffalo, about a hundred mile north of Houston,  topped off the car in Centerville and headed south towards Houston knowing gasoline might be tough to obtain once the storm hit.  Our Hyundai gets phenomenal gas mileage and has a range of over a 500 mile on a tank of gas.

The closer we got to Houston the more we could make out the distinctive curl of ominous cloud formations identified with hurricanes.  I looked over at my wife and acknowledged that I must be some kind of fool; every sane person was driving the other direction while we were driving headlong toward the beast.

About that time, while listening intently to storm related radio announcements, we heard the following from the National Weather Service  (NOAA),   “…Some areas in Texas will only receive fifteen inches of rain…”  He’s said it in a calm clear voice without intending to be funny while mentioning that other parts could face between twenty to forty inches of rain.

We looked at each other and echoed what we’d heard, “…ONLY FIFTEEN INCHES OF RAIN!”

Most people would be in a blind panic had they been told to expect fifteen inches of rain; that would be the norm across a wide expanse of Texas.

We continued onward… stopping for breakfast at a Taco Cabana in the Woodlands prior to my appointment.  Not long after entering the establishment a band of showers dumped its rain; so glad we’d already gotten inside.  The showers lasted but a few minutes before leaving.

I mentioned sarcastically, “…and they told us Harvey was going to be huge; just goes to show what they’ll do to get folks worked up.”   Some poor fellow had taken a sip of his coffee and nearly choked as my words landed on his ear.  It’s fun being me.

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