North Korea’s Total Destruction; Doable?


“Notes from the Colonel”

Communist North Korea threatens almost daily, to “reduce America to ashes and darkness” or to “definitely tame the deranged US dotard with fire”, and to “sink [parts of] Japan into the sea”, and they have developed deadly and very dangerous nuclear-armed ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) that can now reach Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Half of America says: “There is no way to possibly win a war with the now 60-nuke-nuclearized Hermit Kingdom (N Korea), so let’s be friends and welcome the depraved, murderous, saber-rattling regime into the family of respected and restrained world nuclear powers…after all, they are not a little Nazi, Third Reich Germany under an incarnation of Fuhrer Adolphus Hitler, are they?”

And with this abdication, half of America crawls into the darkest corner it can find, places a blanket over its head, wrings both hands incessantly, cries back choking tears, shudders uncontrollably in heart felt anguish and waits for Kim Jong-Un’s first nuclear round to strike their American city and end their fear-filled, wretched mortal lives.

But, the other half of America is not so helpless or pathetic and never believes the USA to be a helpless urchin when confronted with violent evil, no matter the scale.

So let me help the patriots who have some fight in their belly and love of God and freedom still ringing in their souls.

Here is the non-classified, American Joe Schmuck diplomatic/military plan which should set most of your souls at peace.  We are going to be OK.

First Step: Diplomacy like crazy.  Get Ambassador Nimrata “Nikki” Haley to secure 2-3 United Nations votes of 15-0 in overwhelming support of severe sanctions on North Korea to show clear world condemnation and be sure to win the vote of China and Russia in these solidarity reprimands.  Done.  Thanks Donald.

Second Step: Diplomacy ratcheted up on steroids to get China to “go fishing for three weeks” and turn its back on North Korea’s coming pleas for help.  Find 2-3 things that China desperately wants and put them intensely on the negotiating table.  China loves their lucrative, life-blood $578.6 billion annual trade deal with America, so lay the groundwork to terminate this vast wealth.  Done.

China wants to own the South China Sea (man-made island drama) and its lucrative $5.3 trillion annual trade routes, 11 billion barrels of untapped oil, and 12% of the world’s fishing catch.  Offer to let them have it without any further American resistance. With these two incentives on the table, when the bombs fall, China will go silent and not intervene when Kim Jong-Un calls for his northern sugar daddy. Then watch Rocket Man uncontrollably wet his diapers.

Third Step: Pre-emptive strike of massive proportion.  US Marine, Congressman “Captain” Duncan Hunter, has called for an unforeseen, blistering military strike against Kim Jong-Un to prevent his ever launching a nuclearized ICBM that hits his beloved home state and kills millions of his fellow Californians.  So how is this done without killing Seoul’s 25 million inhabitants (the “hostage”) and leveling NYC, LA and DC and their combined metropolitan populations of 45 million Americans?  Technology, leadership and an iron-clad American will.  We have a stunning array of never-seen or used military capacity built for exactly this moment.  Now is the perfect time to unleash 20% of what we can do to an enemy intent and capable of killing millions of Americans while we sleep.

We have dreaded Boomers (Ballistic Missile Submarines) just off Kim’s doorstep in both oceans, which in 3-4 minutes can level every military stronghold and vast arrays of artillery in the Hermit Kingdom with nuclear or conventional war heads, and never even surface to be detected.  We have air craft carriers off both shores, and air bases all across that region, which can launch 100s of supersonic aircraft and stealth bombers and fighters to gain air superiority of his 30-40 year old junk-planes, in just a matter of hours, then turn their full wrath upon his remaining artillery, and ICBM launchers.

When the MOABs (mother of all bombs) generation II family start to fall on Kim’s “hardened” ICBM nuclear silos, their nuclear eruption will be sealed into the mountainsides of North Korea, hundreds of feet beneath solid, liquefied rock.  And should a few of his alleged 60 nuclear ICBMs escape launch and make it into outer space then turn to strike the USA?  That is why America has developed and emplaced the THAAD for high altitude (space) intercept and the battle proven Patriot PAC-3, ballistic interceptors, along with the Aegis BMD on over 30 warships across the Pacific and the world.

Fourth Step: South Korea does the following ground invasion and reunification of their northern cousins while America, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, India and over 2 dozen more nations join in the logistical support and humanitarian recovery efforts that follow, as the world welcomes back into its family the nation of a unified, non-nuclear, single nation Korea.

Sound like a plan?  Stop the whimpering America.

Self-Educated American contributor, Lt. Colonel Andre Dean, is a retired Army airborne ranger (with 27-years of service) from Midway, Texas. Col Dean graduated with honors from Texas A&M in 1986 and received his Masters Degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1990.