Amish & Muslims

By Ed Kugler

My wife and I were driving south in Montana the other day and stopped at our favorite Amish store. It’s a neat little place, filled with handmade food, produce, and unique items. A little Amish lady was outside selling her baked goods. We chatted for awhile. It turns out she’s a transplant from Ohio like we are. Spent time living within twenty miles of each other. Delightful people.

( Horse and Buggy image courtesy of Wikipedia: By Rooh23 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,  )

As we drove past the horse and buggy tied to the hitching post the news came over the radio. They spoke of another demand CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) was making on behalf of some poor constituent who was being oppressed by their employer. It seems the employer didn’t want to set aside a prayer room and allow them to stop work and pray five times a day.

I said to my wife, “Just think if the Amish were as demanding as Muslims.” She laughed, yet, it’s a serious question. The Amish are religious people who do not want to assimilate into our society, just like Muslims. The Amish could demand employers must provide hitching posts for their horses. They could demand the government provide lanes for horses everywhere, not just where the Amish live; they might move there.

When their kids go to school, they could demand, as their religious right, that the schools provide rooms with no electricity. They could demand a prayer room set aside just for them and no one else. They could demand special food for special days and special days off for holidays. Well, you get the picture. The Amish are as different in their beliefs as the Muslims. So what’s the difference in the end?

The difference is the Amish don’t demand or expect one thing from any of us other than to be left to live as they will within our borders. They don’t whine, complain or poor me anyone. The live in our world but work very hard to not be of our world. They are respectful to others, they take care of themselves and are assets in any community where they live.

Muslims, followers of Islam on the other hand, are very different. While they represent about 1% of our population, they make daily demands. Here are just a few.

  1. Driver Photo Laws: These are established based on very well founded principles. Muslims demand to be able to have their photo taken wearing a full face covering, defeating the very purpose of the laws of their adopted country.
  2. Worker Break Laws: Employers and States are bound by laws about when and how long employees take breaks. Not so, CAIR says on behalf of Muslims. We should be able to have private rooms, set aside for the sole purpose of prayer and we should be able to do it five times per day. Does that mean Mormons should have prayer rooms set aside? Theirs admonished to pray three times a day.
  3. Freedom of Speech: They demand that no one say anything derogatory about their religion of Islam. They hold rallies in this regard, demand that any reference to Islam not be included in any training materials of the military or the police. Should we then also pass Cathophobia laws, Baptophobia laws, and Mormophobia laws? Where does it end?

Why is it the media fawns over Islam, afraid to offend or say anything against them when they will take a shot at any other religion on earth? I don’t know the answer to that question, but the question is more important than the answer.

The Amish are stellar examples of a religion and a people true to their faith. Islam on the other hand… wants everyone else to be true to their faith, regardless. If I’m not mistaken, that is called totalitarianism.


Ed Kugler is a former Marine sniper with two consecutive tours in the Vietnam War. He is also a former atheist and now a Christian. He has been changing for a lifetime. He is a recovering alcoholic, successful business leader who made it to VP of Compaq Computer with no college degree, flunked high school English and has written six books.

Shared with permission.

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