Gun Carry Reciprocity Bill Up for Full House Vote This Week


This is the big week.

It looks like at long last, the House will finally vote on a concealed carry reciprocity bill, H.R. 38, which includes protections for residents of Constitutional Carry states.

The expected vote could come Wednesday or Thursday.

If the Constitutional Carry reciprocity bill passes the House, it will be a momentous occasion.

The House has passed reciprocity bills in the past — but they’ve never had a protection for Constitutional Carry states, which is something that GOA has been insisting upon.

Rep. Richard Hudson is the author of the Constitutional Carry reciprocity bill, H.R. 38.  In an article that is posted on GOA’s website, he said that:

Currently, the hodgepodge of concealed carry reciprocity laws and agreements between states is confusing, causing some law-abiding concealed carry permit holders to innocently and unknowingly break the law and suffer arrest, while preventing others from carrying over state lines at all. My bill is a simple, common sense solution — it will affirm that law-abiding citizens who are qualified to carry concealed firearms in one state can also carry in other states that allow residents to do so.

This is a simple application of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution requiring that states give “full faith and credit” to the “public acts, records and judicial proceedings of every other state.”

I couldn’t agree more.

And that’s why I need you to contact your Congressman and urge them to vote for H.R. 38, the concealed carry reciprocity bill.

GOA Stands Firm in Opposition to Gun Control

Now, for another matter.

For a couple of weeks following the Sutherland Springs shooting, it seemed that Congress was going to pass an anti-gun “Fix NICS” bill before getting to any pro-gun legislation.

If you are wondering why there is so much impetus to pass the Fix NICS gun control bill, here’s why:

Everyone loves [the Fix NICS] bill. The NRA and the NSSF jumped on board; ditto Gabby Giffords and Everytown-Moms. Well, almost everyone. The group which claims it’s the only group standing between freedom and fascism, a.k.a. Gun Owners of America, told its members to demand that we stop trying to “fix an unconstitutional system” because background checks of any kind are an “infringement on 2nd-Amendment rights.” — Huffington Post, November 20, 2017

Almost everyone in Washington supports “Fix NICS” as a way of “doing something” to stop the type of shootings we’ve seen recently.

Of course, it won’t stop shootings like that.

But now, it is very possible that the House will combine the “Fix NICS” legislation with the reciprocity bill.

Ultimately, Gun Owners of America prefers that Congress send a clean reciprocity bill to the President.

But if the House combines the two bills together, one of two things will happen.

First, combining the two bills could end up killing the Fix NICS legislation.  As a stand-alone bill, because of the support of the NRA and many in the House leadership, Fix NICS has enough votes to pass VERY EASILY in the House and Senate.

But it is very likely that Democrats would oppose a combined bill and filibuster it in the Senate. For this reason, prominent Senate Republicans and Democrats oppose combining the two bills — because they don’t want to kill the Fix NICS legislation.

Second, there is the slight possibility that combining the two bills will help concealed reciprocity go to the President’s desk.

As the situation stands now, Senate Democrats have enough votes to filibuster and kill reciprocity. But a combined bill might encourage some Red State Democrats to break from Schumer and vote “aye” on the bill.

Regardless of what happens, GOA’s message to Capitol Hill remains the same — we want concealed carry reciprocity; we don’t want more gun control.

Thank you for taking action.

Erich Pratt is Executive Director of Gun Owners of America

Used with the permission of Gun Owners of America.