Stand Against Gun Control Legislation in Concord


On March 13, at 10 AM in Representatives Hall in the New Hampshire State House, the Senate Education Committee [held] a public hearing on an amendment sponsored by Senator Martha Hennessey that will allow local school boards to ban guns on school property.

Senator Hennessey is using last month’s murders in Florida as an excuse to ban guns.  What really happened was a failure by law enforcement to even investigate early warnings about the murderer.  Then, when he actually carried out his dastardly deed, several deputy sheriffs hid outside and did not engage the murderer and innocent lives were lost.

The real truth is that Florida has a complete ban on carrying guns in schools by anyone other than police officers.  No one was able to fight back because the legislature said so.  We cannot allow this to happen in New Hampshire.

We don’t need gun control in New Hampshire, we need to continue to allow legally-armed adults to carry guns.  That is a powerful deterrent.  The good news is that even though enhanced statewide preemption was defeated last month, local school boards and boards of selectmen are finally admitting that they simply do not have the authority to ban guns.

This is why Senator Hennessey is pushing her gun ban amendment onto SB 357, which is not even a firearms bill.

New Hampshire has never banned the carry of guns in schools and now is not the time to start.

So given that this bill may go to the full Senate very soon, please urge your state senator to oppose the anti-gun Hennessey amendment to SB 357.

Used with the permission of Gun Owners of America.