The Left forgets Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy


Well, today was the very first day for new National Security Adviser, Amb. John Bolton. And, as expected, the liberal progressive media went apoplectic in their dire predictions of doom and gloom. Of course Amb. Bolton takes over from LTG HR McMaster at a critical time with a potential meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the recent heinous chemical weapons attack and choking agent in Syria. Sadly, if you read the leftist media headlines you would think that Mr. Bolton was the cause of all these global security fault lines.

As reported by the Washington Times, “John Bolton’s start as national security adviser kicks off Monday — and that means the members of the mainstream media are prepping for the rash of stories on why the world is about to blow. Already, the press has pounced on the announced departure of National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton as a sign of the continuing chaos of this President Donald Trump administration. From CNN: “Anton’s departure comes amid a series of changes at the National Security Council, including … Bolton taking the helm on Monday after H.R. McMaster stepped down as Trump’s top national security adviser. … Anton, an at times acerbic communicator, was well liked by his White House colleagues and known as the rare conservative intellectual that joined the Trump administration.” Snark much? And from Time: “Anton is the latest official to leave the White House amid an ongoing shakeup of national security and foreign policy staffers … He earned plaudits as one of the few intellectuals on the Hill.” As if the last of the brain power has just vanished from the Republican-dominated Capitol Hill, leaving only the circus people in charge.”

It appears that the left once again has a very bad case of amnesia. Recall, if you will, that it was one Barack Obama who made the infamous assertion about a “red line” if Bashar Assad used chemical weapons. It was also Obama who incessantly stated that “Assad must go.” What the left is all about is talk, bluster, sounding tough, but in the end, doing nothing. What scares the left more than anything are those who will take action, back up rhetoric with decision, courage. For one thing, decisive action, against declared enemies, evidences the abject weakness and fecklessness of leftists, and that they cannot stomach. Now, of course the left can find all the courage in the world when it comes to attacking their political opposition…ya know, like unleashing the IRS on the constitutional conservative grassroots movement, the Tea Party. The left also finds its strength in going to secret courts before secret judges in order to attain permission to spy on innocent Americans. But, when it comes to standing up to the real enemies, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria…well, it’s all about “strategic patience” or leading from behind.

John Bolton spooks the progressive socialist left because he does not believe in taking any crap from globalists. John Bolton believes that American strength defuses global conflicts. John Bolton realizes that the perception of American weakness, as in the eight years of the Obama administration, results in exactly what we face today.

Let’s not forget that it was Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, who told us that the Russians had taken care of the Syrian chemical weapons…blind trust with no verification. It was Barack Obama who lifted sanctions on Iran and provided them billions of dollars in laundered cash. All of this has brought us to this point. Iran is solidly in control in Syria and is establishing military bases as well as deploying their proxy islamic terrorist army, Hezbollah.

Russia is only a menace when the left can leverage it for their perceived political advantage. It was former Obama Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who gave the Russians a silly toy called a “reset button.” Barack Obama admitted that he would have “more flexibility” to Russian president Medvedev after his 2012 reelection. I just do not hear the media making much ado about that Obama statement. Yet, we have the liberal progressive media in full attack mode against Amb. John Bolton?

This repeated chemical weapons attack by Bashar Assad is the fault of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barack Obama. The left defines peace as doing nothing and allowing the violators of human rights, dictators, despots, and autocrats to run about free. Of course, what the leftists would respond with is that we should trust the global body politic organizations, such as the United Nations, to rectify these issues. Why, certainly, let the wolves guard the hen house, and all will be well. The UN is the home of dictators, despots, and autocrats. And, the fact that John Bolton doesn’t defer to the corrupt United Nations freaks out the collective globalists who find more energy in condemning Israel.

Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea, along with the advance of the global Islamic jihad are all part of the residual effects of a failed Obama foreign policy. The manic response of the liberal progressive media to the changes in the Trump administration national security leadership is once again evidence that the left prefers weakness over resolute, strong, and determined American foreign and national security policy.

And there is nothing more fun that seeing the left in a manic meltdown mode!

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Lt. Col. Allen B. West is the former U.S. Congressman representing Florida’s 22nd District, a Fox News Contributor, a contributing columnist for, the former Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas Texas, and the author of Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom. Col. West is the third of four generations of military servicemen in his family. During his 22 year career in the United States Army, he was awarded the Bronze Star, 3 Meritorious Service Medals, 3 Army Commendation Medals (1 with Valor device), and a Valorous Unit Award. In 1993 he was named the US Army ROTC Instructor of the Year. Col. West believes it will be principled constitutional conservative policies, not politics, which will secure a sound economic future for Americans.