Calling America—Alex Boye Song Inspired by 9-11 & His Becoming an American & His Love for Our Constitution

by Alex Boye, Winner of Hard Rock Cafe’s 2017 Rising Star Award

On February 22nd, 2012, I Alexander Babatunde Abayomi Boye’ (try saying that backwards) I became a citizen of the United States of America.

My swearing – in ceremony happened to fall on the birth-day of George Washington the Father of our country, which felt especially appropriate to me.

My path to Citizenship has been long, with many trying twists and turns, but i finally reached my destination!

I wrote this song in 2001 the same morning i turned the tv on and watched the first hijacked plane crash into the twin towers. when i feel strong emotions for things i cannot do anything about, i write songs about it. it’s my way of bringing the power back to me. In the last 10 years however, i have sung many different variations of this song that i was not completely happy with.

It was not until the day i received my citizenship (almost 11 yrs later) that everything seemed to falling into place and now my dream to one day finish the song is now complete.

Now my goal and true desire is to play my part in defending the constitution of my country in any way that i can, using the gifts and talents God has blessed me with.

Laus Deo

– Alex Boye’

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