Shall Not Be Infringed


Ten years after he joined the majority in District of Columbia v. Heller, Justice Anthony Kennedy gave Second Amendment advocates across the country another incredible opportunity last week.

His resignation from the Supreme Court during President Trump’s administration will allow us to ensure that the highest court in the land will continue to defend the Second Amendment and stop anti-gunners from destroying our Constitutional rights.

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, Steve.

This is our chance to solidify our majority on the court and ensure that our Second Amendment Rights “shall not be infringed.”

But first, we need a nominee we can get behind.

Add your name and help us show President Trump that We the People won’t let the anti-gunners block a nominee to the Supreme Court who truly understands and respects the Constitution and our right to keep and bear arms.

Over the past year, weak kneed politicians have waged an all-out war against the Second Amendment.

They’ve found allies on city councils, in statehouses and in Congress — often the only thing stopping them is the Supreme Court.

Now they’re threatening to block President Trump’s nominee unless they agree to defy the Constitution and join the crusade against our Second Amendment rights — because they know that if the President succeeds in nominating a pro-second amendment Justice they’ll have lost.

Stand with Gun Owners of America and let President Trump know that We the People are willing to fight for a nominee who will protect our Second Amendment Rights.

This Supreme Court battle is about more than partisan politics and political games – it’s about protecting and preserving the ideals that our nation was founded upon for the next generation.

Used with the permission of Gun Owners of America.

Erich Pratt is Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.