Victories are Taking Place Across the Nation


Victories are taking place across the nation. In just the past couple of weeks activists have risen up in the property rights fight:

  • First, activists in Idaho are already using a version of APC’s Candidate’s Promise to Protect Citizen’s Property Rights to pressure candidates on the campaign trail.
  • I just returned from a speaking trip in Michigan. A local activist is going to use APC’s “Resolution for the Protection of Citizen’s Property Rights” to prepare a resolution for his township planning commission to make property rights protection the first order of business in making new planning projects for the community.
  • Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by a property assessor who is ready to blow the whistle on corruption in her county that is using property tax assessments to manipulate property values and raise taxes as a means to move owners off their land. She read APC materials and learned that this is Agenda 21.
  • I’ve been invited to address an association of land lords who have now begun to understand that their industry is being destroyed through massive regulations that dictate how their properties must be built using international building codes. Landlords are now being told that they aren’t even allowed to ask if potential renters can afford to pay for their properties. Now they understand that they are targets of Agenda 21. They sought me out to address their 1200 member state association. That has never happened before.
  • A city council in a small town in Alabama just voted 7–0 to stop an Agenda 21 inspired Eco-tourism scheme that would have destroyed property rights and local industry. Local activists used APC materials to educated the Mayor and council members.
  • Meanwhile, APC’s reach has grown internationally. In Denmark, activists have discovered our writings and DVDs and are sharing them with elected officials. Other APC materials are about to be translated into Portuguese and made available to activists in Brazil.

These are just some of the incredible battles I and the American Policy Center are helping to fight, now internationally. Our battle is growing and APC is the recognized leader which desperate Americans are turning to for help.

Will you help me reach more Americans to teach them of the importance of private property rights? I can only do it with your immediate contribution!

APC is fighting against a massive force of rich, powerful private organizations and planning groups – mostly funded from federal grants – your tax dollars. Yet, against these odds, APC is finally forcing the issue into the national debate. The only way we win the fight is to take the offensive now! I can only do that with your financial support. I need it today! Help support APC

Self-Educated American Contributing Editor – Tom DeWeese – is the President of the American Policy Center.

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