Victory for property rights as EPA changes course


We’ve won a major step forward for property rights. But there’s also a major danger that it can be reversed. Let me explain.

In a significant victory for farmers, ranchers, and other landowners, President Trump has taken steps to stop Obama’s regulatory scheme that has subjected millions of acres of private land to federal zoning.

In a report written by APC Board Member Dr. Bonner Cohen for our friends at
CFACT, he says, “By rolling back Obama’s 2015 ‘Waters of the United States’ (WOTUS) rule, the administration has put an end to the biggest power grab in the 48-year history of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).”

WOTUS used a very questionable definition of what a “navigatable water way” is. The Obama rule included ditches, ponds, ground water, and basically mud puddles that appear after a rainfall.

As a result, farmers, ranchers and other landowners have been forced to get permits from the EPA in order to make any modifications to their property. The main result of the scheme was to make the EPA massively powerful, as it basically controlled all of the water in the nation.

As a candidate in 2016, President Trump vowed to kill WOTUS. Once elected he issued an executive order directing the EPA to roll it back. But of course, a district judge from South Carolina invalidated the effort in 2018.

Now President Trump is trying again by clearly defining what a navigatable waterway is. And by stating exactly what EPA and the Corps of Engineers will and will not regulate.

As Dr. Cohen reports, the new rule is a major victory for farmers and ranchers, allowing them to work their land productively “without having to hire an army of lawyers and consultants.”

But here’s the major danger: radical environmental groups refuse to accept diminished EPA power. They are planning to file law suits against the EPA and the Corp of Engineers in an all out fight to get their way.

This is why I ask you to back the American Policy Center’s (APC) efforts to rally Americans to support President Trump’s vital efforts to restore property rights and stop this mad GREEN power grab. 

The GREENS have had their way too long – to disastrous results for farmers and ranchers who are trying to feed us!

You and I have fought long and hard to get our federal government to begin to back off of massive regulations and restore property rights. Now we have that opportunity. We must not sit back and let these radicals steal it from us again!

We have no time to waste. There is a 60 day public comment period that will last until mid-February, 2019. We must make our voice heard during that time in order to secure President Trump’s orders to pull back the WOTUS tyranny.

APC has proven time and again to be the most effective pro-property rights group in the nation. Now we have a chance to help President Trump win one of the most important and urgent property rights fights we’ve ever faced.

Self-Educated American Contributing Editor – Tom DeWeese – is the President of the American Policy Center.

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