For Students of Classical Liberalism and Libertarianism – Dr. Dolhenty recommends

For those interested in Classical Liberalism and Libertarianism, I recommend the following resources.

Defending the Minimalist State

Classical Liberalism: The Unvanquished Ideal

Entering the lists of a venerable contest that was most recently revived in the early 1970s, Conway defends the minimalist state against egalitarian welfare liberals who decry the inequality it allows, communitarians complaining that it destroys community, and conservatives who see it undermining the patriotism on which the state’s legitimacy and stability depends. He takes them on one at a time, perhaps because none of them will be in the same ring with either other.

Three Basic Classic Works on Classical Liberalism
The Libertarian Message for Christians

The Libertarian Theology of Freedom

This book by Rev. Opitz will go a long way to help those in mainline churches appreciate the critical importance of liberty in the construction of a just society. It will disabuse all readers of the notion that to be a libertarian, one must be a libertine.

Von Mises on the Classical Tradition

A comprehensive exposition of classical liberalism — the philosophy of the free market and individual freedom. Classical liberalism, based on a belief in reason, individualism, capitalism, and free trade, was dying as Mises penned this combative restatement.

At Laissez-Faire Books

An Excellent Resource for the Film & Video Buff

Miss Liberty’s Guide to Film and Video: Movies for the Libertarian Millennium

This unparalleled reference is the first guide ever to libertarian-themed films. It contains over 250 reviews of films touching upon subjects such as free speech, the draft, drug laws, taxation, regulation, sexual liberty, immigration, and many more.

A True Story To Show It Can Be Done

The Birth of a Libertarian: Homeless to Homeowner in 5 Years

According to the author, “Homeless to Homeowner documents my return from a drug-addicted, garbage-eating street person to a successful businessman, homeowner, husband and father. It is a celebration of individualism, a condemnation of coercive collectivism, and an examination of the inseparability of our rights and our responsibilities.”

A Thorough Rebuff To Caricatures Of Individualism

Classical Individualism: The Supreme Importance of Each Human Being

My favorite book about the philosophy of Individualism. Dr. Machan aims at refuting those who have insisted that the individualism connected to classical liberal, libertarian political theory must be “atomistic,” “radical,” “Hobbesian.” He argues that such an individualism or egoism may have been advanced by some but certainly not by all or even the major classical liberals and libertarians. Dr. Machan develops what he calls a classical or humanistic individualism involving human individuals with a definite nature and with free will and the need for a sphere of moral responsibility, Highly recommended!