Meet America’s New ‘Victim’ Class


Just when you thought America was running out of “victims,” a new class has emerged from under the covers. It turns out that people who commit adultery deserve recognition and affirmation, too.

Actually, the term “adultery” is the problem. So are equally stigmatizing terms like “fornication,” “shacking up,” and “sin.” To help these newfound “victims” come out from the shadows, the American Psychological Association (APA) created its Task Force on Consensual Non-Monogamy.

That term, “consensual non-monogamy” (CNM) doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But it’s a way to make people feel a lot better about forsaking their wedding vows through polygamy and polyamory (group sexual relations, including “swinging”).

“I’m concerned about the lack of support this community is receiving,” says Heath Schechinger, co-chair of the APA Task Force on CNM. “It’s time to examine our biases and take a non-judgmental posture toward clients engaged in consensual non-monogamy — just as we would with LGBTQ clients.”

The campaign to normalize sin like CNM is one of the latest extensions of the APA’s LGBT activist agenda—part of a movement which is now threatening our freedom via the so-called “Equality Act.”

And that’s why you and I must do all we can today to make our voice heard—to take a bold stand and shout out a strong public protest that will stop and drop this threat heading our way.

And the place where you and I can take our stand is Congress where LGBT activists have now embedded parts of the liberty-stealing “Equality Act” into multiple bills—including a must-pass appropriations measure. We must respond!

With your help, we can fax thousands of pointed messages to key legislators to defend freedom from the forces of sexual anarchy! Your voice needs to be heard. Please consider a fax today!

Learn more about a NEW LGBT threat in Congress and join me in sending a resounding pro-freedom message to Congress. See my earlier message below -Mat.

LGBT radicals aren’t satisfied with driving their freedom-stealing agenda down our throats using the misnamed “Equality Act.” Now they’re trying to pass their outrageous demands on the sly.

They’re doing that by inserting parts of the dangerous “Equality Act” into other bills—including must-pass spending measures.

And that’s why I’m asking you to join me in calling on key members of the House and Senate to defeat these measures. Now is the time to do so, because members of Congress have returned from their long July 4th break. Let’s fill up their inboxes with thousands of faxed letters!

You can do that right now by sending Liberty Counsel’s fax to Congress service.

+ + Here’s where the LGBT agenda is hidden…

I think you’ll be astonished and alarmed by the legislation Democrats have lined up to push portions of the so-called “Equality Bill” through Congress:

1. Customer Non-Discrimination Act (HR 2687)

If it was honestly named, this bill should be labeled the “Women Beware Act.” It opens all restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, etc. to anyone who claims to be the gender listed on the facility door. That means a man claiming to be a woman gains access to women’s facilities—and this applies nationwide.

The bill comes with teeth. It punishes the use of biological distinctions by enabling “discrimination” lawsuits. Critically, this bill victimizes churches, too, because religious freedom exemptions are explicitly denied.

2. Stronger Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (HR 2480)

Combating child abuse is critical and to be lauded, but this bill goes beyond that by venturing into social engineering. First, it endorses LGBT taxonomy by adding “sexual and gender minority youth” to its list of benefited parties. Such youth are defined as gay, lesbian or bisexual individuals.

In addition, there is proposed language that would deem it “child abuse” for parents or guardians to refuse to give a child hormones or so-called sex reassignment surgery. And when parents refuse, the child could be removed from the home.

“MegaBus #1″—Four Appropriations Bills combined in HR 2740

This is the biggest threat because it’s must-pass legislation. Already approved in the House, the massive “Megabus #1” appropriations bill is awaiting action in the Senate. And that’s where we must call on senators to strip out provisions that push the LGBT agenda.

We discovered pro-LGBT language that can be used to attack our freedom hidden in four sections of this bill (numbers reflect sections of the bill):

3. Labor HHS (Division A)

4. Defense (Division C)

5. Energy and Water (Division E) and

6. State and Foreign Ops (Division D) Here, LGBT advocates inserted text requiring the State Department and USAID to study, track and report on LGBT laws around the world in its annual Human Rights Report. It also requires both State and USAID to document and report their own efforts to promote LGBT behaviors.

And let me quickly list two more stealth attacks:

Do No Harm Act, which attacks religious freedom exemptions (HR 1450), and
Refund Equality Act, which will give more than 55 million dollars to same-sex couples (HR 3234 or S 1564)

+ + Defend freedom and make your voice heard!

LGBT forces, along with their allies in Congress, are relentlessly aggressive. And we must be, too! That’s why I’m asking you now to join me in sending a strong and unequivocal message to key members of the House and Senate.

You can do that by using our fax to Congress service which gives you a pre-written letter you can send right away!

Will you act now to make your voice heard in Washington in order to defeat these attacks on faith, freedom and the family?

While we will continue to vigorously oppose the “Equality Act,” we can’t ignore these new, stealth attacks on our freedoms–especially those hidden in must-pass appropriations bills!

Please act right away! Your generosity as you do will boost everything we do in Washington, DC, and nationwide to defend liberty, life and family!

Thank you for your friendship and the REAL impact you make with your voice and your gifts!

Yours for liberty,

Mat Staver is Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

Used with the permission of Liberty Counsel.

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