Even Democrats Don’t Want Socialized Medicine

“Medicare For All” Divides House Democrats


At the start of the 116th Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for action on the Medicare for All Act of 2019 (H.R. 1384). If enacted, this legislation would create a socialist single-payer government-funded health system that completely overhauls the private healthcare market. By removing the profit from healthcare, Democrats tout that Medicare for All will finally provide all people the coverage to which they feel entitled. In fact, Democrats believe that this idea is so appealing, presidential candidates have decided to make it a priority in their campaigns. What they fail to present is that the lack of innovation and quality services through government-run healthcare will only drive our nation’s well-being into the ground. Like all socialized medicine, it will also mean no individual choice and rationing.

Lucky for us, Democrats are divided on the best move forward. H.R. 1384 is co-sponsored by roughly 75% of Democrats which is surprising given the legislation’s press and movement through committee. Recently, Speaker Pelosi called off the expected “health week” because of divisions within her party that could have led to the bill’s embarrassing defeat. Among the disagreements include the exorbitant cost. The national debt is higher than ever at $22 trillion and social security insolvency is imminent. The government simply cannot afford a single-payer system.

The Speaker herself is unsure about the bill which gives a nod to what Conservatives have said all along: Medicare For All would be healthcare for none.

The talking points made by Democrats this past election cycle made it seem like a healthcare overhaul would be a top priority after taking the House. However, it seems to just be a rally cry. Eagle Forum opposes Medicare for All and will continue to work for its defeat.

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