THANK YOU to the 132 fiscal conservatives who stood up for future generations


132 fiscal conservatives in the House stood up for the fiscal sanity of our nation’s future and voted “No”on the Pelosi-Mnuchin budget deal (joined by 16 Democrats and 1 independent, for a total of 149 “No” votes).

There is no justification for piling on $322 billion on top of $1 trillion deficits, and yet 65 Republicans joined Democrats in passing the budget deal that does just that. Members of Congress who voted for the budget deal are making a mockery of the repeated promises to rein in out-of-control spending.

We need to make sure members who stayed true to their conservative principles and voted against this bloated budget deal hear our appreciation.

> > > Click HERE to find out if your member voted against the deal, and call them today to thank them!

Used with the permission of Heritage Action, a project of the Heritage Foundation.