Doctors and Nurses Forced to Perform Abortions


At the ACLJ, we are committed to defending life and that includes the life of the unborn.

Recently, there were two important victories out of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals against the number one abortion provider in the world, Planned Parenthood. The 9th Circuit has not usually been a court that is friendly to those with pro-life positions. Usually, the decisions that we see coming out of the 9th Circuit are ones that we believe we will have to appeal to the Supreme Court.

But because of recent judicial nominations the 9th Circuit is becoming less friendly to those on the far Left.

The Trump Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services recently issued a new rule on Title X funding, which is funding designated to be used on family planning services. Under that rule, which Congress authorized, they can stop funding, with our tax dollars, organizations and clinics that promote and perform abortions. That means that Planned Parenthood doesn’t automatically get the funding, and can be denied the funds because of the fact that they do perform abortions.

Planned Parenthood challenged it in federal court, and they lost right away at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals before a three-judge panel, so they appealed it en banc (to an 11-judge panel) and lost again 7-4. That is a significant victory for life. It is a loss of $60 million a year going to Planned Parenthood.

These fights don’t end there. We represent a nurse, Cynthia Isabell, who applied for a teaching position at Indiana University South Bend. She was denied that position because of her pro-life views. She was denied for a maternity teaching position where she would be teaching nursing students, nothing to do with performing abortions.

The ACLJ not only fights for the lives of the unborn, but we also fight for the freedoms of those who hold pro-life positions so they’re not excluded from public life or work positions where they are well qualified. If you want to take action on this, go to our petition and join thousands of others in signing a petition to stop forcing doctors and nurses to perform abortions when it violates their conscience.  Join us as we continue to fight what’s next from the abortion industry.

Used with the permission of the American Center for Law and Justice.

Jordan Sekulow is an attorney and host of Jay Sekulow Live! and Sekulow, the American Center for Law and Justice’s (ACLJ) weekly television broadcast. Mr. Sekulow has served as a liaison between the ACLJ and its international affiliates. In 2014, he was appointed a Visiting Fellow of Oxford University at Harris Manchester College and served as a member of the Summer Research Institute at Oxford from 2014-2016. Sekulow is a graduate of Regent University School of Law, where he served as co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Regent Journal of Law and Public Policy.

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