This Tears It!


The spectacle put on by the Democrats, lead by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, should be etched in the minds of the American people. The die hard Democrat voters must recognize by now that the party of their parents and grandparents no longer exists, it having been taken over by a band of anti-Americans.

It would be difficult to ignore the State of the Union Address given by President Trump, a patriotic summary of what is good and hoped for, pride in our achievements and honoring a few well deserving individuals along the way. In contrast, it boggles the mind that so many elected Congressmen and Senators were unable to acknowledge many of these accomplishments as they were shared; choosing instead to remain seated with somber looks of indignation.

At the close of this nationally televised moment in time, Nancy Pelosi waited for the last word to be uttered and then, on cue, lifted her hand delivered copy of President Trump’s address and tore it in half, ceremoniously putting an exclamation mark on her disdain.


It reminded me of a film character played by Cary Grant, Dr. Noah Praetorius, in the movie, People Will Talk. Noah was a genuinely happy individual who enjoyed helping others. A jealous and hateful man, Professor Elwell, perfectly acted by Hume Cronyn, made it his goal to destroy Dr. Praetorius. Elwell filed an official inquiry, all based on unsubstantiated rumors, which raised the likelihood of Dr. Praetorius being removed from his position at the university.

During the somber closed door hearing, Doctor Praetorius calmly noted the enthusiasm which his accuser demonstrated in his quest to destroy him. (I shouldn’t have to point out a recent political coup attempt bearing strikingly similar elements.)

“Professor Elwell, you are the only man I know who can say ‘malignant’ the way other people say ‘Bingo!’.”

While on the topic of ‘malignant’…civilized Americans should be disgusted with how so many on the left are applauding the news that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh recently was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. It’s one thing to disagree with the politics of your neighbor; yet another to jump for joy upon hearing this kind of sad news.

A sequel to Professor Elwell’s flaunting of ill will was recorded when Speaker of the House Pelosi handed out Victory Pens to her treasonous co-conspirators after signing the Articles of Impeachment prior to having their poisonous piece of parchment delivered to the Senate.

Near the end of the movie, after all the facts were brought to light and the good doctor’s reputation exonerated, there’s a scene worthy of today’s closing performance by Queen Nancy.

Immediately after the hearing/mock trial concluded, Mr. Shunderson, the slow witted friend of the good doctor, approached the hateful professor. Elwell still couldn’t accept that all his efforts to discredit a truly good individual had been in vain.

“Professor Elwell, you’re a little man. It’s not that you’re short. You’re…little, in the mind and in the heart. Tonight, you tried to make a man little whose boots you couldn’t touch if you stood on tiptoe on top of the highest mountain in the world. And as it turned out…you’re even littler than you were before.”

Nancy Pelosi and Socialist Democrats desiring to ‘transform this nation’ have nothing to offer American voters as they demean and denigrate traditional values, attacking Christianity, individual natural rights and the family. Their disgusting performance as elected representatives should be a wake up call to voters as we determine the direction of our nation.

Sorry Nancy, “you’re even littler than you were before”, and as you pointedly have awakened a sleeping electorate; This tears it!

t-f-stern-1Self-Educated American, Senior Edi­tor, T.F. Stern is both a retired City of Hous­ton police offi­cer and, most recently, a retired self-employed lock­smith (after serving that industry for 40 plus years). He is also a gifted polit­i­cal and social com­men­ta­tor. His pop­u­lar and insight­ful blog, T.F. Sterns Rant­i­ngs, has been up and at it since January of 2005.