Why Ban Employee Prayer?


Of all the times to ban employee prayer, a manager in a large distribution center of a major US company chose a really bad time to do it! With the fear of the coronavirus pandemic causing extreme anxiety throughout the nation, wouldn’t it make sense to encourage workers to pray for each other, their customers and their employer before the workday begins?

At Liberty Counsel, we begin each day in prayer for our clients, our faithful supporters, our ministry’s staff members, those in governmental leadership and for special requests sent in by our many friends.

This morning, we shared many Scriptures promising God’s protection and perfect peace. Here’s one that brought friends like you to mind…

“Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27.

As you can imagine, it has been a great privilege to represent employees whose distribution center has banned them from praying before work. Join the fight to keep freedom of religion FREE!

Imagine that you and fellow employees began meeting together before work to pray and ask God’s protection over your duties that day. Now imagine your employer tried to stop you and your colleagues from praying before work and on your own time.

It sounds ludicrous, but that is exactly what happened at a South Carolina UPS facility.

Liberty Counsel is representing UPS employees at a facility where a manager targeted and discriminated against Christian employeesincluding a pastor, for years.

UPS keeps modern commerce running by shipping letters and packages to the far corners of the earth. But while UPS is spreading commerce, the company is in this instance trying to stop the spread of something else – the Christian faith.

UPS truck drivers began praying together before work in 2013. That’s when the harassment began, says Pastor Randy Lankford, a 28-year employee that was finally forced out when anti-Christian management harassed him to the point of nearly suffering a heart attack.

Every time employees tried to speak up for their right to assemble and pray on their own time, management harassment became worse, leaving Christian employees in fear for their jobs. That fear was justified, our clients tell us, because several employees were fired for pretextual reasons after running afoul of the manager’s unconstitutional prayer ban and anti-Christian policies.

NO company can ban its employees from praying before work in the parking lot, as these employees did. We are happy that the UPS corporate stepped in after we sent a demand letter. Now UPS needs to address the manager who has a history of banning prayer.

Unfortunately, even over 230 years since our freedom of religion was written and codified into the United States Constitution, this precious freedom is still under attack. Liberty Counsel is deeply committed to defend it.

The UPS employees under attack do not have the financial ability to fight against the $1.75 billion a year shipping giant. Liberty Counsel never charges clients. Instead, our legal defense of clients is paid for by the generous donations of freedom-loving Christians like yourself. YOU MAKE OUR AGGRESSIVE DEFENSE OF RELIGIOUS LIBERTY POSSIBLE.

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Matt Staver is Chairman of Liberty Counsel

Used with the permission of Liberty Counsel.

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