1600 Daily • The White House • June 9, 2020

President Trump hosted a White House discussion yesterday with leaders from across America’s law enforcement community. Together, they voiced a goal shared by President Trump: healing the divides between police and the communities they serve.

🎬    President Trump: We won’t be defunding our police

“I don’t know a law enforcement officer across this country who—who’s not just appalled by the incident that occurred in Minneapolis,” National Fraternal Order of Police President Pat Yoes said.

“But that one incident certainly doesn’t reflect on the 800,000 men and women across this country that go to work every single day and try and make their communities better.”

These officers believe there is an opportunity for real reform, as well. “It’s time for us to have some good, deep discussion, and look within and find ways to improve the criminal justice system,” Captain Yoes said.

President Trump believes in a fair justice system that protects every single American.

On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence sat down with African-American faith and community leaders at Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland. “It is undeniable that in the long struggle for equality in this country, people of faith have played the decisive role,” the Vice President said.

“I couldn’t help but feel that as our nation reels from the tragic death of George Floyd, that a place to start the conversation is in a place of worship.”

🎬  Vice President Pence: Justice will be served

Defunding the police, as some far-left extremists now call for, would hurt the very communities we need to support. America’s violent crime and murder rates have fallen under President Trump, proving that law-and-order policies make our country safer.

Justice for all means enforcing the law fairly, not giving up on law enforcement. President Trump understands the difference, and responsible leaders will join him.

Here are just a few highlights from the conversations that have been happening inside the White House and across America over the past few days:

Article and photo courtesy of WhiteHouse.gov