Dead Confederate Generals Don’t Offend Me

Allen West Old School PatriotBY ALLEN WEST

I have a question for all the delusional and disturbed little social justice warriors running around tearing down statues, monuments, and memorials in America: when are y’all gonna protest and abolish the Democrat party?

We all know that the greatest purveyors of systemic racism in America have been the Party of the Jackass. Democrats didn’t support the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. They created the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, and the policies of segregation. The longest filibuster in US Senate history was Senate Democrats against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The irrational tantrums you “useful idiots” are throwing only serve to evidence how abjectly ignorant you truly are. Tear down the statue of Abraham Lincoln? Heck, the Republican Party of Texas was founded by free Black men! Men who were freed by Abraham Lincoln.

The Democrats created the KKK to prevent Blacks from voting, Republican. So, let’s defund and abolish the Democrat Party. Their soft bigotry of low expectations continues to promote their well known, and systemic, racism which every major city controlled by Democrats proves.

Dead confederate generals don’t offend me, the existence of the Democrat Party does.

General Robert E. Lee

Editor’s Note: This column previously appeared at The Old School Patriot. Used with the permission of the author.

Lt. Col. Allen B. West is the former U.S. Congressman representing Florida’s 22nd District, a Fox News Contributor, Director of the Booker T. Washington Initiative at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Senior Fellow at the Media Research Center, former Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas Texas, and the author of Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom. Col. West is the third of four generations of military servicemen in his family. During his 22 year career in the United States Army, he was awarded the Bronze Star, 3 Meritorious Service Medals, 3 Army Commendation Medals (1 with Valor device), and a Valorous Unit Award. In 1993 he was named the US Army ROTC Instructor of the Year. Col. West believes it will be principled constitutional conservative policies, not politics, which will secure a sound economic future for Americans. LTC West is running for Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. To support his efforts, please visit his campaign website

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