Let’s Make Our Culture Great Again! © – An Introduction


I’m a citizen philosopher and a citizen historian, which means I have not been trained by the Establishment. My formal training was in science, Chemical Engineering at Notre Dame, but my real education began after college.

Drawing upon over thirty-five years of research, I’ve now developed essays that introduce some basic concepts that I hope will broaden your understanding of our world.

My primary purpose is to help others develop a comprehensive worldview and a consistent knowledge base. So, if you disagree with my worldview, there is little reason to read my works. I am a Christian, and that is the foundation of my worldview.

Everyone is free to choose their worldview or choose to have none and remain inconsistent in their thinking. I chose a Christian worldview, because I believe it is the only valid worldview, and it makes more sense of the world than other worldviews. With this worldview, I have built my knowledge base and continue to expand it, sifting through information, labeling some of it true, others misinformation or disinformation, and many others with a question mark, when I need more information.

Readers might say that makes me biased. Of course it does! Everyone with a worldview is biased by definition.

I hope to inspire my readers to get off the couch and contribute to our culture, to help restore traditional values and traditional thinking in our communities, to reinvigorate and elevate our conversations, and begin to make our culture great again.

In 1987, Saul Bellow wrote, “We live in a thought-world, and the thinking has gone very bad indeed.” Since then, it has gotten dramatically worse. Our daily conversations reveal our widespread ignorance of our cultural institutions and the traditional ideas and ideals that made America great over two centuries ago. I hope to help change that.

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Self-Educated American Contributing Editor, Robert F. Beaudine thinks deeply, researches thoroughly, and writes persuasively on political philosophy, history, public education, the national debt, the myth of global warming and numerous other subjects.

A published novelist as well, Robert Beaudine resides in Greenville, South Carolina.

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